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Videos range from general event coverage to advanced productions.  Cut ‘N’ Run Studios covers all aspects for every video development project.  For live events, our videographers are equipped with the necessary tools to adapt to any scenario.  For our scripted segments, we supply full staffed crews and high quality equipment.  Edited programs all differ because each video must have an underlying theme and direction.  Many of our employees will shoot and edit so these principles are cemented with all staff.  Our productions are mainly local in Pittsburgh but numerous projects each year require the crew to travel nationally and internationally.

Creating your videos from start to finish.


Marketing Videos

Online marketing videos are essential for a website’s quality, SEO, and viewer attention.   Most online activity is now watching video.  Website visitors prefer to watch a video over reading text and many find it easier to make a decision on product or company.    Online promotional videos are now the most popular product available at CNR studios.

Television Commercials

Cut ‘N’ Run produces marketing videos for both web and television.  Our television commercials are shot on the best quality cinema cameras and delivered in the most uncompressed format to broadcasters.

Live Webcasting

Streaming video now rivals cable television for even main stream media.  There is no production too big or small for webcasting and many companies take advantage of the cost efficient process to broadcast their event and / or company.

Event Video Production

Our event videographers will cover your entire event with the necessary audio / visual equipment.  You may add interviews to your video segments to include guest testimonials.

Entertainment Video Production

You can hire CNR studios to handle any sized production.  We assist in delivering entertainment projects including music videos, films, sizzle reels, and documentaries.

Wedding Videography

Nearly all brides who do not hire a wedding videographer regret it.  That is why we provide basic packages for the general coverage and advanced packages for those who might want a more cinematic story.

Aerial Videography

Drone Flying


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  • 50 % of the estimate or invoice is due up front.  The other 50% is due the last day of shooting or editing depending on the project.  All forms of payment are accepted (cash, check, credit card).
  • Two Week – No Charge
  • One Week – labor costs of production cost.
  • 48 Hour – no refund will be issued.
  • In-Studio Editing Session (Post-Production)
  • Two Week – No Charge
  • One Week – $25
  • 48 Hour – $50
  • Average turnaround time is one month.  Expedited timeframes can be requested.
  • The studio requires the payee of the production to sign a contract.
  • We provide all media captured to the individual on the contract.  No one else will receive the media unless specified by the contract signer.
  • The studio’s liability or refund is limited to amount of the production.
  • CNR studios is completely insured with liabilty coverage.
  • You may call the studio at 412-343-3600 or email via info@cutnrunstudios.com.  If you would like schedule a time to meet / pay in person, please schedule a time at our facility 1701 Banksville Rd.  Pittsburgh, PA 15216.