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Pittsburgh Photography Services


Cut ‘N’ Run photographers will capture an event with adaptability and creativity.  Our personnel serves the Pittsburgh area but have experience in remote weddings, international events, and much more.  Every project requires the knowledge and skill to deliver the best possible image that’s why Cut ‘N’ Run requires extensive photography training for all employees.  When it comes to portraits, we shoot on location or in the studio with manipulated lighting and composition.  Understanding advanced lighting techniques is essential in both photography and videography.

Dessie Mitcheson Pittsburgh Portrait Photography
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Pittsburgh Wedding Photography
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Portrait Photography

Portraits must convey the right features and expression.   Our photographers position lighting, flashes, and subjects in the necessary locations to produce the professional results.

Event Photography

Our photographers cover all events with artistic direction and technical experience.  A diverse photo collection tells a more concrete story which is why our photographs include live shots, poses, decor, and landscape.

Wedding Photography

A wedding day requires experience and vision.  Our wedding photographers set up the perfects shots and direct you and your guests with unique poses.  Top quality lenses and cameras ensure your ceremony and reception are captured in RAW resolution digital photos.

Bar / Bat Mitzvah Photography

Mitzvah photographers must have knowledge of specific limitations when it comes to ceremonies.  We maintain a creative routine in capturing photos no matter what a location’s restrictions are.

Photo Booths

Photo Booths are a great addition to any party that are easy to use and allow guests to take home a keepsake.

Green Screen Photography

Once a subject is captured in front of a green screen, it is possible to place any background in it’s place.  Cut ‘N’ Run can do this for portraits or even live events where instant printing is needed.

Product Photography

Product photos are essential to any website, online or location retailer.   These images can be utilized on an platform including web, television, billboard, print, and more.


  • 50 % is due to reserve date.  The remaining balance is due the day of your event.  All forms of payment are accepted (cash, check, credit card.)
  • Cut ‘N’ Run does not offer printing services but will refer printing websites and companies.
  • Two Week – No Charge
  • One Week – $500 per photographer booked.
  • 48 Hour – no refund will be issued.

The studio requires the payee of the production to sign a contract.

We provide all media captured to the individual on the contract.  No one else will receive the media unless specified by the contract signer.

The studio’s liability or refund is limited to amount of the production.

  • We ask that you put as much information on the questionnaire as possible.  It is not required to have all questions answered on our forms.
  • All rights to footage and/or photographs are transferred to our clients once payment is collected.  CNR studios still reserves the right to use any footage and/or photograph for internal promotional purposes.
  • Average turnaround time is one month.  Rush requests can be made.
  • CNR studios is completely insured with liabilty coverage.
  • Projects range from weddings to broadcast programming so personnel alterations are possible for your event / project.  Your overall booking will not be affected by any other studio productions once the initial deposit is made.
  • You may call the studio at 412-343-3600 or email via info@cutnrunstudios.com.  If you would like schedule a time to meet / pay in person, please schedule a time at our facility 1701 Banksville Rd.  Pittsburgh, PA 15216.