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Understanding High Speed Sync (HSS)

Love is in the air today and if you love photography and want to expand your potential then you’ll want to keep reading.    If you have ever browsed studio strobes or even own a speedlite with the feature, you may have come across that term in its title,...

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Alan Baldi / 0 / 14th Feb 2019
Voluntary Parting — What It Is and Why You Need to Know About It

Here at Cut ‘N’ Run Studios, we like to focus on our craft–creating and producing wonderful content for the world to enjoy. However, sometimes we come across some important issues that need addressed that aren’t as glamorous as the latest gear and cool techniques. We had recently discovered an...

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Alan Baldi / 0 / 06th Jul 2018
What to Look for In Commercial Video Services

Commercial Video Services   Cut ‘N’ Run Studios knows what is and is not important, entertaining, and necessary in a commercial video production. Our expert team of professionals are here to help you identify your video plan and begin making it a reality. We work with you to implement...

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Justin Mackey / 0 / 14th Jan 2018
Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Video Production Services that Will Keep them Coming Back!   There are several key factors to consider with video production services for keeping your customers coming back. Quality, professional video productions are about more than the service and the customer; they are about the video experience as a whole....

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Justin Mackey / 0 / 14th Nov 2017
Strategic Video Production

Video Production   It is important to have a video production strategy for the message that you are aiming to get across in your video. From appealing to all audience types, to remaining organized and focused without being bland, a production strategy will help you meet all of your...

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Justin Mackey / 0 / 14th Aug 2017
Video Shoot Preparation

Video Shoot Preparation   Knowing what to and not to do before a photo or video shoot is imperative for successful results. From keeping everyone who is involved fully informed, to fulfilling shoot goals and purposes, success all starts with proper preparation. For readying properly for your next shoot,...

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Justin Mackey / 0 / 14th May 2017
Why You Need Corporate Video Production Strategies

Corporate Video Production Strategies   Spreading your business’ message in multiple ways will increase your chances of having your message noticed. Implementing a corporate video production strategy, for instance, is one of the best ways to reach the most people with only one source. There are many various purposes...

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Justin Mackey / 0 / 14th Jan 2017