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Rock School Pittsburgh

School is In.


Rock School Pittsburgh is an after-school program designed to teach children and young adults the art of Rock ‘N’ Roll.
Bands are formed based on age, skill level, and musical interests.
Each band rehearses on weekly basis.
Groups choose the songs.
Live Shows at Hard Rock Cafe, Jergel’s, and Rock ’N’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.
Each participant receives a DVD / Digital Download of final shows along with a hand printed poster and tee shirt.


Cut ‘N’ Run developed a new branding image for Rock School Pittsburgh with the new slogan “School is In.”  The new brand would define the organization as an after school program and highlight the educational / social student benefits.  After the strategy and initial graphics were established, Cut ‘N’ Run developed a website.  Photography and video services were also acquired to incorporate original media onto the new website.  The last step of the multimedia campaign was to promote the new image through social media which Cut ‘N’ Run managed for the first month.

End Product.

The client received all photos through cloud storage, video through youtube along with website annotations, and a website with word press login and control.


Rock School Pittsburgh Website