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Rivers Casino had just wrapped up their ``Window Drop`` television commercial campaign. They were looking for an effective way to promote the new interblock gaming technology as well as maintain marketing on traditional games. Cut 'N' Run teamed up with Red Square Agency to produce the new videos.



Cut 'N' Run captured numerous scenes within the casino facility. A RED Weapon was utilized for high-end video quality capture. Because of time restrictions, LED lights were selected to ensure the production was as mobile and quick as possible. All on-screen talent was handpicked from Pittsburgh talent agencies. Three makeup artists and wardrobe stylists were assigned to the numerous actors and actresses. The RAW 8K footage was edited in Cut 'N' Run's studio along with animation and graphics. All were combined for quick 30-second spots for TV and social media.

Final Delivery

Cut 'N' Run worked within the broadcast specs and delivered HQ ProRes files so the commercials would be broadcasted in the highest quality with both video and audio safe levels.



Rivers Casino has broadcasted the commercials on television, social media, professional sporting events, and more. The campaign is still present now and is effectively advertising the focused casino experiences set forth in the pre-production strategy.