Allegheny County

Allegheny County


Allegheny County wanted an effective way of delivering a critical safety message regarding open fires on residential properties. Commercials and billboards were decided on. Red House Media created the foundation of imagery and conceptualization then hired Cut 'N' Run to handle the production and post-production.



Based on the script provided by Red House Media, Cut 'N' Run obtained the appropriate equipment, crew, and talent in order to complete the one day shoot. Aerial drones were a necessity in order to shoot imagery that could be used for special effects in post production. Video and photography were conducted simultaneously. Mothlight Creative was brought on to create the special effects of the smoke and text floating through the air.

Final Delivery

The commercial spots were delivered in ProRes HQ format for television broadcast. The high-quality photos were sent via Google Drive and used for billboards around Allegheny County



The campaign was appropriately channeled through numerous media platforms such as television, social media, Pandora radio, and billboards.