• Varies on a project.  Post production / editing is $100 per hour.
  • 50 % of the estimate or invoice is due up front.  The other 50% is due the last day of shooting or editing depending on the project.  All forms of payment are accepted (cash, check, credit card).
  • Two Week – No Charge
  • One Week – labor costs of production cost.
  • 48 Hour – no refund will be issued.
  • In-Studio Editing Session (Post-Production)
  • Two Week – No Charge
  • One Week – $25
  • 48 Hour – $50
  • 24 Hour – $100

The studio requires the payee of the production to sign a contract.

We provide all media captured to the individual on the contract.  No one else will receive the media unless specified by the contract signer.

The studio’s liability or refund is limited to amount of the production.

  • All rights to footage and/or photographs are transferred to our clients once payment is collected.  CNR studios still reserves the right to use any footage and/or photograph for internal promotional purposes.
  • Average turnaround time is one month but it depends on the production.  Expedited timeframes can be requested.
  • CNR studios is completely insured with liabilty coverage.
  • Projects range from weddings to broadcast programming so personnel alterations are possible for your event / project.  Your overall booking will not be affected by any other studio productions once the initial deposit is made.
  • You may call the studio at 412-343-3600 or email via info@cutnrunstudios.com.  If you would like schedule a time to meet / pay in person, please schedule a time at our facility at 1532 Beechview Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15216.
  • Studio space is available for rental at $250 per half day and $500 for full day.
  • If you would like to join one of our editors for a fully interactive editing session you may do so.  It is still a $100 per hour charge so it is best that you have notes and/or time logs prepared.