Why Video Editing is Imperative

Imperative Video Editing   There is an entire process that goes into creating a successful videography production. One of the most crucial steps of this process is completing accurate video editing. A properly edited and well done production provides for a better ending result and increased digital marketing capabilities...

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Justin Mackey / 0 / 14th Dec 2016
The Importance of a Video Production Strategy

Video Production Strategy   There are many reasons why it is important and effective to use a video production strategy for revealing your company’s desired information. A production strategy is a plan that envelopes various audiences through a meticulous video making process. With video production available to express your...

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Justin Mackey / 0 / 14th Sep 2016
The Golden Rules of Video Production

Live Video Production   Video production may be creative fun, but there are actually a few golden rules to proper video production. By incorporating the following guidelines from our Pittsburgh video production services at Cut ‘N’ Run, and adding your own creative story, your video production will be a...

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Justin Mackey / 0 / 14th May 2016
Why Should My Company Make Videos?

Should My Company Make Videos?   With technology and the internet advancing and increasing each day, keeping up with your business’s image online is imperative. If your business is online and running already, you are off to a good start. But how can you do more to promote your...

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Justin Mackey / 0 / 14th Jan 2016
Live Streaming Public Speaking Events Increase Audiences

Public Speaking Events   Many companies are now turning to live streaming corporate or educational speaking engagements for far-flung audiences. They are also recording them for future use, either for free, for a flat fee, or for a subscription base that they communicate with regularly.   From sales presentations,...

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Justin Mackey / 0 / 14th Dec 2015
Increase Your Audience During Live MMA Broadcasts

Live MMA Broadcasts   Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) live events generate huge audiences—and incredible revenue. Streaming an MMA live event will bring a much wider audience to your event and keep them watching during the entire fight. This is important not only for the sport, but for the promoters....

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Justin Mackey / 0 / 14th Aug 2015
Why Live Streaming Trumps Video for Entertainment

Live Streaming   If you’re trying to reach a new audience, but have a limited budget and equipment, live streaming is a great way to attract more people to your event or presentation. It’s budget-friendly, but can get you incredible results. Our Pittsburgh live streaming clients like the options...

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Justin Mackey / 0 / 14th May 2015
Need to Improve your Video Production Quality?

Online video marketing is driving customer behavior today. Are you leveraging video as part of your strategy?   Video is the way to go   Not only are more consumers choosing to watch video over other content formats (studies show 80% in fact), more than half of them take...

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Justin Mackey / 0 / 14th Feb 2015
Get Your Videos Out There!

Launching a successful video campaign not only requires the ability to produce high-quality video media, but it also requires you to properly promote and bring awareness to the video before and during the launch of the video online itself. Implementing a few tips and tricks along with professional services...

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Justin Mackey / 0 / 14th Nov 2014
Storing Your Images is Very Important

Modern videos are stored as digital files that can be very large. Many people are also converting older formats into digital files because they do not degrade. Something you might be concerned about is storing video images in a safe way. You should understand some of the benefits and...

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Justin Mackey / 0 / 14th Oct 2014