You Should Create a Holiday Video

Author: Jordan McMIllen

Creating a Holiday Video

“It’s Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year”. We all love that line and why shouldn’t we? Christmas is a great holiday that gets family together and in which a lot of happy moments are lived and experienced.

Christmas is also the holiday in which a lot of money is spent on gifts. So, in order to increase your brand awareness and attract customers you need a holiday video. This practically stands for every holiday. For the Pittsburgh area there are a lot of commercial video services that can help you for creating the perfect video. Commercial Video Pittsburgh can enhance your local business and get you additional leads.

Holiday Video Production

How to make a great commercial?

Great holiday commercial can attract many customers and create enormous brand awareness. The best example of holiday commercial videos is certainly Coca Cola. We all await their commercial each Christmas. They are enlightening, emotional, beautiful and fun. But Coca Cola is world-wide brand, for your local business you will need a local company that does commercials. Searching through commercial video services Pittsburgh can offer you great results for example.

So, if you are from our city commercial video Pittsburgh can offer you great solutions, from writing a script to finding actors and filming the commercial. It is best to search and look for other commercials that can offer you ideas, but don’t steal other people’s ideas be original.

The process

  1. Determine a budget
  2. Contact a local company that offers video commercial services, in our case you could search for Commercial Video Services Pittsburgh or choose Commercial Video Pittsburgh.
  3. Suggest a script and tell them your idea, but also hear them out for suggestions and tips
  4. Work with them until completion and full satisfaction
  5. Distribute the holiday video commercial to the local TV networks, YouTube and social media.


You should definitely do a holiday commercial video. Hiring a professional company to do the commercial video is a must. You may also hire professionals to distribute the video for you as well. The effects from a holiday commercial videos can be long-lasting and highly effective. Wouldn’t you be proud of showing a professional holiday commercial with your business? As far for picking the right company to do the video commercial services, you may check the ones that are recommended on the Internet or by your friends and family. We are sure you will find the best one if you do a proper search!

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