Wedding Videography

Author: Jordan McMIllen

Wedding Videography

Videography has become a wedding day priority in the past decade.  Ninety-eight percent of all married couples recommend future brides have their special day captured on video.  But, while only 50% of brides pursue a videographer before their wedding, 75% consider it a must have after their wedding day.  Nearly 70% of married couples who did not have a videographer service at their wedding regretted it.

Videography services typically account for only 5% of a wedding day budget yet it is constantly overlooked.  High definition and professionally manned cameras have evolved wedding videography from a simple home video to an art form.  In a digital age, high end cameras and equipment have become available to smaller market production companies.  The result is a wedding day video that possesses Hollywood-like attributes.   Some companies offer live streaming of the wedding over the internet.  This is popular among destination weddings for guests who could not attend the event.

Though wedding photography is still in higher demand than video, there are elements that photography cannot capture.  Vows, prayers, speeches, and songs can be unforgettable highlights to a wedding day.  Video captures these moments live with audio and can be watched over and over.  Photos will lie in your frames forever but reliving the moments second by second with a video keepsake provides an entirely separate memory.



Source: Association of Bridal Consultants

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