Converting your old film or Videos to Digital

Author: Jordan McMIllen

Converting your old film or Videos to Digital

With modern technology, everything is quickly outdated these days, including videos. You may remember your parents (or yourself) hauling around the old 20lb camera recorder that recorded to VHS tapes. While modern technology can be frustrating because you’re constantly forced to upgrade to the latest and greatest products to be compatible with other modern technological devices, new modern technology allows us to capture some of the best moments of our lives and manipulate the video exactly how we want it and in excellent qualities. Modern technology and new video services also allow us to take old films from family and friends and convert them into higher quality videos that are compatible with today’s technological devices. Below are several services that companies like Cut N Run Studios in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania provide that can allow you to transfer your videos or film into new and easy-to-view forms.

Film Restoration
It is common for people to find old reels of film from their grandparents (or older family members) that they wish to view. Over the years, these films are easily damaged. A large percentage of films found are damaged, but typically not to the extent where film restoration is not possible. Over the years film is often exposed to dirt and materials that can scratch the film. With extreme temperature changes film can also shrink and colors may fade. Film restoration techniques allow the technician to fill in the scratches and enhance the color. 8mm film restoration is one of the most common types of film that are brought in to be restored.

Film Transers
VHS tapes, old recording tapes, and even older framed films can be copied into newer viewing sources. One of the most common types of film transers is 8mm film transferred to a DVD. 8mm film transers are challenging because the frame size is so small, but the services are generally very affordable. Cut N Run Studios has a state-of-the-art studio which gives them the ability to pull the frames from the film and do film transers with the frames onto a storage disk or DVD. Film transfers are a great choice after you’ve had your film restored. Copies of the film transfers can also be made easily and for low prices.

Video Transfers
Like film tranfsers, all types of video can be transferred as well. Video transfers are popular among those who aren’t very familiar with computers and modern technology. Video transfers typically do not cost much to do, depending on what type of source you’re pulling the original video from. Some video transfers may be complex, but are typically much easier to do than a full film restoration and transfer.

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