Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix



The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix is one of the largest vintage race events in the world.  Its 2.3 mile course runs through Pittsburgh’s Schenley Park where drivers face dangerous turns and landscape.  Hundreds of thousands of people gather every year to take part in this amazing spectacle.


To document one of Pittsburgh’s largest events of the year and to give attendees and enhanced experience by being able to see who is in the lead at all times.  Also,  to grow the audience beyond the local demographic.


Wireless cameras were strategically placed throughout the course to provide attendees and viewers live coverage.  Our advanced graphic system receives real-time stats from race control so the audience knows who is in the lead at all times.  Fans across the world are able to watch the action in the palm of their hands.  The live race production also included interviews that were shot, edited, and web-casted on the same day.

End Product.

An archive of a historical event.  Highlight videos and commercials that will be used to promote future events.  A series of videos properly tagged for Search Engine Optimization. A broader audience.