Canon C200

Author: Justin Mackey

The Canon C200

We have worked with many cameras over the years and recently rented the Canon C200 for a number of shoots.  The camera is the perfect happy medium between higher end digital cinema cameras like Arri / RED and DSLR’s.  Our smaller budget productions required us to work with the Canon 5D Mark iii and Magic Lantern.  This lead to inconsistent exposure as well as hot pixels in low light situations.  We have longed for a solution to small / medium budget productions and the C200 is just that.  It allows 4K Raw to be recorded internally to CFast cards.  The post-production encoding process is very simple with Cinema Raw Development software.  This process converts the Canon .CRM files to Pro Res 4444 or DPX.  The face detection auto focus feature is useful for subjects moving forward or back in a narrow depth of field shot.  Frame rates at 4K RAW range from 23.976 to 60 fps.

The one draw back we found to the camera is the lack of quality alternative codec to RAW.  It is raw 12 bit color depth or a compressed mp4 4:2:0.  Overall, this camera is recommended for indie filmmakers and those on a budget.  

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