Digital Marketing

Author: Justin Mackey

What is Digital Marketing?  Well, it’s marketing that utilizes digital avenues to distribute such as social media, mobile devices, website, mobile apps, etc.

Why is it needed?  The traditional advertising strategies of tv, radio, and print are still present and effective.  The new online era has opened a whole new world of advertising channels which need to be incorporated with the traditional mediums or even without.  This is helpful to small businesses who may not have the budget for tv, radio, or print.  Typically, these mediums have set rates for commercial placement.  Most digital advertising allows the user the ability to set a custom budget such as facebook ads or per-per-click.  

Types of Digital Marketing.

Pay-per-click (PPC) boosts your ad or listing to the top of a search engine results page.  You may see some pages at the top of the list organically but you pay for the top spot.  Costs are based on the number of clicks. You can customize your PPC ad’s target demographic, geographic location, keyword searches, and budget.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of strengthening your website and content to appear naturally (no advertising) at the top of a search engine for keywords affiliated with your business. SEO is the most important of the digital marketing techniques because it is the only service that doesn’t require a monthly bill once the initial construction is complete. When your website reaches the top of the list, more people will find you without the costs of pay-per-click.

SEO is most important but content is the number one factor in improving your SEO results. Without content, your website will not rise to the top of search engines. Google and other search engines depend on other sources such as youtube, social media, back linking, and web content to determine what your website is. Content serves two main purposes in digital marketing. Improving SEO and establishing branding and visual communication with your consumer base.

Social media is an essential advertising platform for businesses in the new online era. People spend more time on social media than watching television. So why not advertise based on the habits of the customer? Facebook, instagram, twitter, and some of the other top platforms offer customizable ads to target your consumer base similar to pay-per-click format.

Email is still the most direct way to connect with a customer. Checking an inbox is a daily task for anyone in the business or consumer world. Sending an email is just the start but what you are saying is what really matters. You don’t want to end up in spam or prompting a customer to click the unsubscribe button. Marketing emails must be constructed with a specific call to action and remain appealing to the reader.

Mobile Devices have a wide range of advertising options such as SMS and MMS to in-app marketing. Most internet users use a smart phone for online access and over half of digital media is played through smart devices.

Digital marketing is essential for any business that requires an effective advertising strategy.  One of those important steps to remember is plan a digital marketing campaign based on your business needs.  Some of the outlets may not be necessary for your marketing.  Your target demographic and geographic location also need to be analyzed in order make your budget effective.  

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