YouTube Superstars

Author: Justin Mackey

YouTube has become a platform for musicians, bloggers, gamers, or just about anyone to launch into fame and fortune.  Making millions for playing video games sounds ridiculous but just ask PewDiePie, who raked in $12 million this past year.  Viewership is everything.  It reinforces the belief of the internet/streaming takeover of television.  Content is immediately available without much commercial interruption.  Areas where cable television is failing, YouTube is succeeding.  Watching people play video games may sound boring, but not to many.  YouTube is also not restricted to time slots, sponsors, viewership, or censorship.  If content doesn’t have the views, then it remains as is.  It floats in the millions upon millions of videos that are uploaded.  The videos that do catch fire provide a profitable revenue for both YouTube and its hot shots.  The platform is giant and has paved the way into entertainment streaming/watching online.   Individuals such as Lindsey Stirling now have the opportunity to make millions.  Prior to youtube, this type of entertainment content would never be broadcast or available to the public.  People, not television networks or Hollywood studios, choose their celebrities on youtube.  A new age of celebrities and millionaires is on the rise: the YouTube Superstars.  


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