Why Your Music Must Have an Image…

Author: Justin Mackey

Music has changed rapidly over the years.  TV may have killed the radio star but the Internet has saved the Indie star.  You longer have to go the route of praying for a music scout to find you jamming out at some hole in wall night club.  Video and the internet have completed altered the music industry.  A number of musicians including Justin Bieber, rose from the ranks on Youtube to absolute stardom.  This was not a result of audio tracks being played over and over on a vinyl player, cassette player, CD, or even digital device.  It was effective music videos catching fire and going viral.  Are the songs catchy?  Of course, but every musician requires the same strategy as an effective business…… strong and unique branding.  

Who you are and what does this song means to you?  You may think you can define yourself through the lyrics and sound of your song alone but a 21st century audience doesn’t share that feeling.  They want to see you.  They want to see the dances, the creativity, and the Hollywood storyline behind your music video.  Youtube and Vevo stats also give record labels a accurate portrayal on how a large demographic will interact with this artist and album.  Pretty simple equation, a lot of views equals more revenue.  Youtube assists in giving artist leverage and attention to record labels.  It also creates a web presence with better search engine optimization.   Brand yourself and grow your fanbase just like a business would grow a consumer base.  When you effectively deliver a brand and establish yourself both visually and lyrically, it will help you gain attention from fans and most of all record executives. 

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