The Future of Video Production

Author: Justin Mackey

The never ending evolution of technology.

Mobile devices changed our lives though communication, navigation, storage, and media capturing.  Phone cameras have seemingly increased in quality with each new device to hit the market.  Superior photos and high frame rate videos are now available to anyone’s finger tips.  This is great for the consumer but what about the professional?  Some photographers have already seen certain specialty services diminish as a result of high quality phone pictures .  Fortunately, the internet is increasing the importance of video.  

Website design nowadays requires both photo and video.  It is essential for any business, site, or individual to post videos in order to maintain relevance or a following online.  This demand has lead video professionals to increase productivity rather than suffer from the recording improvements on mobile devices.  Some smaller productions may be lost in the future such as parties, weddings, or basic capturing that consumers feel they can record themselves.  High quality capturing as well as creative development will always be essential to the media field especially with the increase in digital marketing and need for online content.  

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