What to Look for in Commercial Video Services

Commercial Vidro Services

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Jordan McMIllen / 0 / 20th Jan 2016
You Should Create a Holiday Video

Creating a Holiday Video “It’s Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year”. We all love that line and why shouldn’t we? Christmas is a great holiday that gets family together and in which a lot of happy moments are lived and experienced.

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Jordan McMIllen / 0 / 21st Dec 2015
Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Video Productions Services That will keep them Coming Back! There are several key factors to consider with video production services for keeping your customers coming back. Quality, professional video productions are about more than the service and the customer; they are about the video experience as a whole. At...

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Jordan McMIllen / 0 / 10th Nov 2015
Strategic Video Production

Video Production It is important to have a video production strategy for the message that you are aiming to get across in your video. From appealing to all audience types, to remaining organized and focused without being bland, a production strategy will help you meet all of your goals...

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Jordan McMIllen / 0 / 28th Oct 2015
Why You Should Outsource with Cut ‘N Run

Outsourcing with Cut ‘n’ Run Outsourcing your video production and photography needs with services from Pittsburgh’s Cut ‘N’ Run Productions is a wise decision for any project. The resolution diversity and high grade quality of our equipment, alone, will ready your project for success. Combined with our professional reputation,...

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Jordan McMIllen / 0 / 23rd Sep 2015
Preparing for a Shoot

Video Shoot Preparation Knowing what to and not to do before a photo or video shoot is imperative for successful results. From keeping everyone who is involved fully informed, to fulfilling shoot goals and purposes, success all starts with proper preparation. For readying properly for your next shoot, follow...

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Jordan McMIllen / 0 / 28th Jul 2015
Why You Need Corporate Video Production Strategies

Corporate Video Production Strategies Spreading your business message in multiple ways will increase your chances of having your message noticed. Implementing a corporate video production strategy, for instance, is one of the best ways to reach the most people with only one source. There are many various purposes supporting...

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Jordan McMIllen / 0 / 22nd Jun 2015
Why Video Editing is Imperative

Imperative Video Editing There is an entire process that goes into creating a successful videography production. One of the most crucial steps of this process is completing accurate video editing. A properly edited and well done production provides for a better ending result and increased digital marketing capabilities overall....

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Jordan McMIllen / 0 / 26th May 2015
The Importance of a Video Production Strategy

Video Production Strategy There are many reasons why it is important and effective to use a video production strategy for revealing your company’s desired information. A production strategy is a plan that envelopes various audiences through a meticulous video making process. With video production available to express your desired...

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Jordan McMIllen / 0 / 20th Apr 2015
The Golden Rules of Video Production

Live Video Production Video production may be creative fun, but there are actually a few golden rules to proper video production. By incorporating the following guidelines from our Pittsburgh video production services at Cut ‘N’ Run, and adding your own creative story, your video production will be a success.

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Jordan McMIllen / 0 / 18th Mar 2015