Be Social

Author: Justin Mackey
One of our services at Cut ‘N’ Run is to deliver creative media to numerous mediums for our clients.  Sometimes clients may not need a video production specialist on hand to obtain all content.  An example of this is bulk online/social media content.  Quality videos and photography are essential to a website and marketing but quantity is also necessary for website SEO and social media engagement.  
While having a strong amount of professionally shot /edited videos and photos is necessary, there are other methods to obtain additional content.  Videos can be as simple as setting up an iPhone and shooting a short tutorial or blog on particular service, product or procedure.  Photography can consist of your facility, offices, some internal staff or procedures.  Themed campaigns are a popular strategy for creating new media if a company has already exhausted many of its’ internal ideas.  Lack of social media presence can restrain a company’s outreach which is why it is pivotal to deliver amateur or professional updates on an organized agenda.   
For those who do not know what hashtags are, you will need to learn.  These can make or break the engagement you receive from social media.  Your choice of hashtags will help target a demographic that has similar tastes, interests, and needs of your company.  Some businesses solely rely on a social media outlet to develop a large enough consumer base to support business operations. 
To sum it all up.  Quantity is key.  A successful social media / content presence will need to make investment into both external and internal specialists or individuals to maintain a timely schedule of deliverable content.  Without the existence on web or social media, a company is not branding or marketing itself to its’ full capability.  Future leads, reduction in paid marketing, and customer retention are some of the main benefits of this process.  

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