Submitting to Film Festivals

Just completed a short film, documentary, or a feature film?  That’s just the beginning!  Now, it’s time to start your film festival campaign.  The methods of how to do this have evolved in the past decade.  There was a time when sending a VHS was acceptable.  That time is...

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Justin Mackey / 0 / 16th Jan 2018
Canon C200

The Canon C200 We have worked with many cameras over the years and recently rented the Canon C200 for a number of shoots.  The camera is the perfect happy medium between higher end digital cinema cameras like Arri / RED and DSLR’s.  Our smaller budget productions required us to work...

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Justin Mackey / 0 / 01st Nov 2017
Youtube Superstars

Youtube has become a platform for musicians, bloggers, gamers, or just about anyone to launch into fame and fortune.  Making millions for playing video games sounds ridiculous but just ask PewDiePie, who raked in 12 million this past year.  Viewership is everything.  It reinforces the belief of the internet...

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Justin Mackey / 0 / 19th Jul 2017
Why your Music must have an Image…..

Music has changed rapidly over the years.  TV may have killed the radio star but the Internet has saved the Indie star.  You longer have to go the route of praying for a music scout to find you jamming out at some hole in wall night club.  Video and...

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Justin Mackey / 0 / 06th Mar 2017
Be Social

One of our services at Cut ‘N’ Run is to deliver creative media to numerous mediums for our clients.  Sometimes clients may not need a video production specialist on hand to obtain all content.  An example of this is bulk online/social media content.  Quality videos and photography are essential to a...

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Justin Mackey / 0 / 28th Dec 2016
The Future of Video Production

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Justin Mackey / 0 / 02nd Nov 2016
Drones and the FAA Small UAS Rule

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Justin Mackey / 0 / 02nd Aug 2016
Videos for Your Business

Your Business Needs a Video! Your business needs a video! Why? Videos are a fast and effective way to communicate your message across to your clients. Also, 30% of internet traffic is currently catered to video. So whether you are trying better relay your message, increase traffic and views,...

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Jordan McMIllen / 0 / 06th Apr 2016
You’ll Always Benefit from Video Production

Video Production Benefits In the technological world we are living in today, it should be obvious how important a good video production strategy and the video itself are to your business. Whether for increasing search engine results, promoting new products and services or advertising your business in general, video...

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Jordan McMIllen / 0 / 21st Mar 2016
Making Your Marketing Video Outstanding

Outstanding Marketing Video If you are in the process of formulating a marketing video, you want to be sure to include a few key elements for guaranteeing a successful final product. For instance, giving your video a purpose, offering more than what is anticipated and providing some form of...

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Jordan McMIllen / 0 / 23rd Feb 2016